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Do you have what it takes to be a football manager? The latest game in the acclaimed football manager series is the closest most of us will ever get to finding out.

So, straight from the dugout comes the new football manager game. All your favourite teams, players and strategies have returned to the football manager database, with up-to-the-second game data and a playability mode so realistic you’ll be expecting to read about yourself in the sports pages the next day.

The sheer amount of playable leagues and competitions in Footie Manager is breathtaking, as is the attention to detail in the strategies and business practices (agents have a far bigger role this time around). Yes, this instalment of the football manager database promises to be the best yet.

As your managerial career progresses, the football manager game will create completely new footballers for you to sign up or play against, ensuring a totally immersive experience. On this new Footie Manager, you can take even more realistic press conferences, with over 150 new questions to answer.

Better yet, you can now play true Footie Manager with your friends be enabling the all new football manager database options.

A sequel in the truest sense of the word, this instalment of the popular management series is simply an improvement on the previous one, but with the sheer sales success and positive fan response to the series so far, what could be wrong with that?

Good Points
Bad Points
Player transfers, managment movements and latest rule changes in this latest version
You can only play the latest version of Footie Manager after registering with Steam.
3D match engine to see all the action and play of your Footie Manager team
Footie Manager will take over your life, your job will become a hobby
Full control of training, match preparation and press conferences
Take control of Manchester United, Rushden and Diamonds or the mighty Chelsea on this years Football Manager game

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